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$1,000,000 Copywriting Secrets

Private Label Rights

Get Ready To Discover Killer Copywriting Secrets To Supercharge Your Marketing And Multiply Your Profits In a Flash, Guaranteed!

  • Why copywriting is the #1 most important skill in online marketing
  • The $1,000,000 Copywriting Formula you can use to churn out profit-pulling winners every time
  • The 5 things your copy MUST have in order to work
  • The 3 words every profitable ad uses, and why without them your sales will plummet
  • The secrets to writing killer headlines that explode your conversion rates
  • The 25 most powerful words you can use in your copy to get massive results
  • The stealth tactic you can use to cut your time in half while guaranteeing big time results
  • The simple thing you can add to your copy that will skyrocket conversions, but most marketers completely miss
  • The most effective type of copy that nearly always will far outpull other types
  • How, why, and what to test
  • And much more . . .

3 Steps To Newbie Success

Private Label Rights

You're About To Discover The Simple 3-Step System To Succeeding Online

  • The tools you MUST HAVE to succeed in Internet Marketing... And where to get them cheap
  • The CRITICALLY important step that most Internet Marketers neglect to include in their system.
  • How to generate hundreds and thousands of views to your site every day.
  • And so much more...

10 Ways to Make $10k Online!

Private Label Rights

This Information Packed Short Report Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers How They Can Make $10,000 Dollars Online

  • How to Team Up With Other Marketers For Fast Profits!
  • How You Can Type Your Way to $10,000!
  • How to Tap Into the Backend Profits Automatically!
  • How to Really Take Advantage of eBay!
  • How Targeting Other Marketers Can Make You a Fortune!

And that's just the beginning. Once you get the "Ten Ways to Make $10 Thousand Dollars Online" Short Report you will have access to great information that will get you started on the path to making $10,000 dollars online!

Advanced SEO Techniques

Private Label Rights

Discover How You Can Explode Your Traffic & Boost Your Sales With Advanced SEO Techniques That Force Search Engines To Help YOU!

  • What are algorithms and why they matter
  • The truth about Google Pagerank
  • How effective backlinks really are, and how to set them up
  • How to "Dance" with Google to Get What YOU Want
  • The ins and outs of cloaking
  • Major do's and dont's that most people miss
  • The facts about spiders and crawling your website, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Everything your website needs to earn a high search ranking
  • Step by step guide to optimize your website
  • How page size makes a difference and the right size for YOUR site
  • Dynamic URLs, frames, and redirects
  • And so much more!

Affiliate Marketing Profits 7 Day Course

Private Label Rights

Are You Ready To Learn How To Start Your Own Wildly Successful Affiliate Marketing Business That Will Bring You Profits For Years To Come?

  • What affiliate marketing is, plus some simple things that you can do to become a wildly successful affiliate marketer.
  • How to research and choose profitable affiliate programs before you join them, so you don't waste your valuable time and money promoting product that won't make you money.
  • Some very simple and proven ways that you can promote your chosen programs and boost your affiliate commissions, some times over night!
  • How to avoid some of the common mistakes that many affiliate marketers make without even realizing that they are damaging their business, so you don't have to learn the hard way!
  • Plus some very important things that you must do to protect your hard earned commissions from being stolen right out from under you.

Blogging From The Beginning Course

Private Label Rights

Inside This Easy To Follow 5 Day Crash Course You Will Be Introduced To Simple Techniques That You Can Use To Properly Set Up Your Own Successful Blog!

Inside Each Lesson you will learn the basic information that you need to know, so that you can use effectively build your own blog, create great posts, attract traffic and earn money from your blog!

You'll also discover simple tactics and strategies can help you reach your attract and keep loyal readers, get them excited about visiting your blog and sharing your content with everyone they know!

The Blogging From The Beginning crash course was designed with absolute beginners in mind. It quickly introduces you to the art of blogging and shows you how to employ simple blogging methods to create a wildly successful blog!

Cash Building Strategies

Private Label Rights

  • Exposing the myths that run rampant in the Internet Marketing industry - allowing you to avoid many mistakes and let-downs
  • Common questions you may have before you get started are answered
  • The many different ways you can make money online!
  • Marketing strategies to make sure your business is as successful as possible
  • And much more!

Customers Are King

Private Label Rights

  • Good Customer Relationship - Why It Is Important
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
  • How to Keep Your Customers Happy
  • Proven Methods of Customer Retention
  • The Art of Customer Follow Up
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • How to Deal With Difficult Customers
  • Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service
  • And Much More!

Domain Name Profits

Private Label Rights

Discover How to Turn $9 bucks into $900 Quickly and Easily With a Killer Guide to Selling Domain Names!

  • Follow my proven formula for choosing winning domain names that are guaranteed to sell, every single time! This is a supercharged check-list that will eliminate any 'duds' from your list, saving you time and money instantly!
  • Discover how you can conquer the 'domain game' by eliminating costly mistakes and time consuming 'trial and error'. Follow my step by step action plan to instant domain flipping that will guide you every step of the way!
  • Find out how you can instantly maximize the value of every single domain name that you ever register and present it to potential buyers so that the perceived value is THROUGH the roof! This is an insider trade secret to instantly squeezing out 200x the value of every domain you sell.
  • Learn how to format your domain auctions so that they attract the RIGHT buyers and compel people to read your listing and place a bid! Create an outright bidding war as rapid buyers fiercely outbid the competition, jacking up your earnings instantly!
  • Shocking trade secrets of the millionaire domainers are revealed within our special chapter. These are killer techniques that will catapult your online business effortlessly and put you light years ahead of your competition!

Forum Marketing Secrets

Private Label Rights

  • Why Is Forum Marketing Effective?
  • How to Get Started With Forum Marketing
  • Forum Marketing Etiquette
  • How to Make Your Presence Felt Through Forum Posting
  • Simple Steps to Successful Forum Marketing
  • How To Make Your Offer In A Forum Based Marketing Place
  • How You Can Leverage Your Business With A Forum Based Offer
  • And Much More!

Google Keyword Scraper

Private Label Rights

Need help finding more keywords to target?

Enter your main root keyword into this software, and let it do its magic.

The program will come back with hundreds of related keywords that are easy to rank for, giving you hundreds of new keywords to get traffic from!

And this all happens on complete autopilot - just enter your main keyword, and let this software to the rest of the work!

Internet Marketing FAQ

Private Label Rights

Finally . . . Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Internet Marketing So You Can Stop the Guess Work and Make Some REAL Cash!

  • Why most people fail to make money online and how you can avoid being one of them
  • How to avoid falling for get rich quick schemes that just suck money out of your pocket
  • Why you should not create your own products when you start out online, despite what you’ve heard
  • How to avoid the hype and propaganda and get straight to reality
  • What the single most important element of your online business is. It’s not your credit card processor, it’s not your hosting company, it’s not even your website.
  • Why some people are wildly successful and others can’t make enough money in a month to buy a wooden nickel
  • How to develop a network of 6 figure entrepreneurs who want to work with you
  • What business model is wildly successful today
  • What strategies top entrepreneurs use to build their businesses fast
  • How to make your first project a success…this has nothing to do with money
  • Why cheap copywriting will cost you a fortune
  • How to track and test your marketing for free
  • And Much More!

List Building Bullet

Private Label Rights

Exploit My Straight Shooting, Rapid Fire List Building Strategies That Will Shoot Straight Into The Heart of Your Niche Marketing and Increase Your Earnings and Email List Size Practically Overnight!

  • How to create massive mailing lists without spending a penny on subscriber acquisition! These stealth list building strategies will suck in more subscribers than any "paid to" use strategy and will save you thousands in the process!
  • How to fine tune your list building campaigns so that you are attracting ACTIVE buyers! We've talked about the importance of NOT inflating your subscriber base with dead weight and this single strategy will guarantee that never happens!
  • The fastest methods of building a mailing list in ANY niche market, even if you have never tried your hand at email marketing in your life! These are newbie friendly strategies and can be executed effortlessly! (You cant screw this up even if you tried)
  • The super-charged list building strategy that can add THOUSANDS of new subscribers to your list in a matter of hours! Don't waste time with slow-yielding list building tactics again. Set up a campaign this way and you will continue to suck in new subscribers every single day, for months or years to come!
  • The guaranteed formula for creating an irresistible squeeze page that sucks in subscribers like steel to a magnet! People will not be able to resist subscribing to your mailing list if you follow this simple squeeze page checklist!
  • Turbo charged action plan for building a rock solid relationship with your list that compels people to respond to every offer you send out! This goes far beyond offering decent content.. Find out how I make my subscribers feel OBLIGATED to act on every promotion I mail out!

Quick WordPress Websites For Beginners

Private Label Rights

Are you ready to create a Wordpress website in 7 Days or Less? This report is broken up into seven pieces that you can do all at once or over the course of seven days. There is no reason why you can't go from complete beginner to website owner in very short time, even if you've never built a website in your life!

I've been told time and time again that I make things easy to understand and easy to take action on. I hope you'll find this true as you go through this program set up for you.

Public Domain Cash Secrets

Private Label Rights

Public Domain Is The Fastest, Easiest, Most Profitable Way To Make Money On The Internet . . . Get Your Copy Of "Public Domain Cash Secrets" Right Now And Discover:

  • Where to find free public domain work that you can sell for a premium price
  • How to turn any public domain work into a downloadable product, in a few minutes
  • Where to sell your public domain work
  • How to re-purpose a single work into multi-media formats for max profit

Scribd Traffic Roadmap

Private Label Rights

  • Peeling the onion - strategizing the strategy for extra traffic optimization
  • 9 unique advantages of article marketing on Scribd - and solving the problem of "duplicate content"
  • The simplest document you can upload - and why it will delight your market
  • 5 suggestions for making this document unique - and you're free to think up even more
  • What's in a name - how to avoid your reports being flagged and removed
  • 19 suggestions for upload material - and how not to break the rules
  • Scribd’s definition of the difference between authorities and spammers - and how not to annoy your market
  • The single most important extra step to take, when providing this type of document
  • The secret of Scribd headlines - one "glitch you can unwittingly create - and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to eliminate autoresponder newsletter woes - by serving these documents up via Scribd!
  • How to instantly make yourself known - and a crucial traffic key you should never overlook for a second
  • 3 Scribd store features worth noticing that can really help you boost traffic
  • Scribd's secret "twin" - and why it matters they're not totally alike
  • The 2 key elements that make Scribd one of your most important traffic secrets
  • And Much More!

Socialize Your Way To Profits Course

Private Label Rights

Do You Know What Social Networks Can Do For Your Business? Are You Ready To Meet Thousands Of New Prospects And Put Your Profits In To MEGA Overdrive?

  • What is Social Networking
  • Why Is It So Popular
  • Getting to know the Popular Social Networking Sites
  • Your Socializing for Profit Profile
  • Socializing to Promote Your Business
  • And more in this 5 day email crash course!

Top Secret Affiliate Profits

Private Label Rights

Never Struggle To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing Again With This Fail Proof Fast Cash System!

  • Find out how you can build explosive campaigns that slaughter competition, claiming top rankings in the major search engines.
  • Discover the fastest way to skyrocketed commissions with FREE 20-minute pages that are so effective, you can leave them 'as is' and they'll keep churning out commission checks for years.
  • Powerful strategies to dominating the hottest niche markets with nitro-charged campaigns that drive in hungry traffic!
  • The REAL strategies to a 7-figure income as a super affiliate marketer
  • The fastest way to set up profitable campaigns (without spending any money getting it done!)

Triple Your Conversions Instantly!

Private Label Rights

You're About to Discover 28 Power Packed Secrets to Convert Visitors Into Buyers . . . and They Work Like Magic!

  • You’ll be shocked at why 80% of the people leave your web site – something so easily remedied it’s taken for granted -- but shouldn’t be.
  • You’ll be surprised to learn this huge percentage of potential customers that leave a site without completing a sale.
  • The 4 things every website must do.
  • Watch out for these 3 rules. You leave even one out and you cut the time visitors spend on a page from an average of 2 minutes to less than 10 seconds.
  • The Freebies: when & how to give them out.
  • Without these 4 things a Sales Page just won’t work – ever!
  • What you should know about upselling and downselling.
  • 2 things you must have at the top of your sales page
  • How to build customer rapport.
  • How to harness the power of persuasion.
  • How to make sure your message is accepted, remembered, and acted upon.
  • If this doesn’t happen in 2 seconds or less your web site is in serious trouble.
  • How to structure your message in language that persuades customers to buy.
  • How to manage the human aspects of the sales process that normally take a lifetime to master.

Twitter & WordPress

Unleash The Power Of Twitter & WordPress To Multiply Your Traffic

Discover the tools and tips to maximize your traffic from these two great tools

  • Increase your blog readers
  • Use Twitter to know what content your readers are craving
  • Leverage the power of these tools through automation to save you time
  • And More!

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